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Automate knowledge to transform complex processes into into intuitive, contextual and real-time services.
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Automate knowledge for increased efficiency, control, compliance and transparency.
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Automate knowledge to easily identify the correct procurement channel for goods and services.
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Embracing AI today – Sky interview with Simon Robinson, Level CEO

Sep 28, 2018 11:37:00 PM

Over the past century, technology has changed the way we think about the world, today new advancements are continuing to transform our lives and our businesses.

In a video produced by Sky TV, CEO Simon Robinson speaks about the journey of Level since its inception in 2013, the vision for the organisation and how AI can provide real ROI for your business today. Over the last five years, Level has been developing and using AI to remove the drudgery of administrative tasks, providing businesses with a platform and applications that simplify complex business processes, allowing you to take the robot out of your humans.



Find out how Level is working with major customers to bring AI-powered decision making to the workplace.


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