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4 min read

HR: Leading digital transformation globally

May 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In the past half-century, the role of HR has changed dramatically. What began as a personnel operations center in the 60s, morphed into a service organization to help employees be more productive in the 1980s. By the 2000s, with digital transformation underway, HR ‘rebranded’ itself as an integrated talent management partner.

And now, more than ever, HR has the opportunity to be a strategic business partner. Today, HR can create a competitive advantage for their organization by establishing digital literacy in the workplace, helping create operating models conducive to the future of work, and attracting / retaining top talent. Of course, this is easier said than done.

HR is expected to lead digital transformation in organizations worldwide, and over 65% of 1,200 HR executives surveyed by KPMG believe that HR is already undergoing a radical digital transformation. That being said, just 40% of HR leaders have a digital work plan in place at the enterprise or HR level.

Clearly, HR departments around the world feel pressure as digital innovation continues to radically transform the way organizations work and structure themselves.

Fortunately, today’s AI technologies are more intelligent than ever.

How important is digital HR to global organizations?

Digital HR management and organizations of the future will have embraced innovation and experimentation. As companies become less siloed and more transparent, and as the employee base continues to shift towards digitally savvy veterans and digital natives, HR transformation becomes more urgent.

70% of HR executives recognize that workforce transformation is one of their top priorities, but  only 37% feel confident in their ability to achieve their goals by integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and workforce analytics.

HR transformation in the 21st century

In the 20th century, HR was largely focused on process design and process excellence; enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation; selecting cloud vendors for ease of use and scalability; and building employee self-service portals for day-to-day operations.

Once tasked with filling vacancies, lowering employee rates and handling the hiring, letting go and promotion of employees (e.g., business as usual), HR leaders are now expected to help their organizations overhaul their traditional siloed structures to refresh the workforce and workplace. This includes:

  • Optimizing employee engagement and career growth
  • Digital solutions that increase workplace productivity
  • Selecting vendors based on technologies that scale HR and empower employees
  • Building employee experience platforms with innovative, company-specific solutions

The demand for transformative digital HR is so ubiquitous that some HR departments are trying to reinvent themselves internally with hackathons and rapid design groups aimed at producing minimally viable products (MVPs) for new pilot HR management programs.

However, digital HR management requires digital technology expertise; Cloud-based HR personnel systems are not sufficient to stay competitive. HR leaders must rethink digital transformation solutions in the context of their workflows. And a new generation technologies are already leading the way.

For example, the Level Cognision Cloud automates knowledge across your organization, simplifying the administration of employment, benefits and payroll. That way, HR leaders have more time to better manage their employee lifecycles.

The importance of convenience and transparency

Convenience and transparency; Two overarching themes for the future of work. Convenience is, and will likely remain, king, while crowdsourced transparency is rapidly becoming the inevitable norm.

Imagine, Wade, an intelligent assistant, helps employees with career questions and opportunities for internal advancement, while Wendy, another intelligent assistant, helps candidates understand the company culture and hiring process. Similarly, another intelligent, Mya, answers nearly 75% of the questions that HR personnel would typically handle. And this is only a preliminarily step.

By using a combination of AI, machine learning and advanced algorithms, innovative HR ‘services’ have evolved to be able to reason and make decisions on their own. For example, our library of pre-built Cognision™ Accelerators (intelligent assistants), specifically designed for HR, leverage proven design and experience to accelerate implementation times, while also reducing risk and building a foundation for growth. These include:

  • Organizational change: A visual and intuitive service with automated approvals, enabling managers to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ employees between teams, or across the organization.
  • Absence management: An intelligent and policy-driven service with built in auto triggers that provide consistent absence tracking and processing for accurate results.
  • Performance management: An intelligent self-service that guides managers to the correct course of action at each stage of the review cycle to deliver consistent, compliant and complete performance evaluations.
  • Contractor management: An intelligent service with built in triggers and audit trails to smoothly onboard, off-board and manage external contractors.
  • Paternity leave: A personalized, intelligent and real-time self-service that provide instant and accurate leave calculations by simply entering planned start and end dates.

HR: The gatekeeper of digital transformation

In the last decade, we’ve seen unprecedented opportunities for information sharing, digital reinvention and crowdsourced transparency, and that’s increasingly empowering workers worldwide.

To remain competitive in this fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, global organizations must see HR management as more than just a personnel center; It’s the facilitator of digital transformation.

At Level, we power the future of work, today. By automating knowledge across your enterprise, we’re transforming complex HR processes into intuitive, contextual and real-time services. We enhance accuracy, speed and compliance for an array of processes, including payroll and benefits; absence, performance and contractor management; maternity and paternity leave; and organizational change.

We boost employee engagement, experience and productivity, which makes your people’s lives simpler, happier and more productive.

Interested in learning more about how Level can transform your HR department? Get in touch to start your digital transformation journey today.


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