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2 min read

Level up your customer service with artificial intelligence

Feb 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

They say “Stick to what you know” …And as Product Support Manager at Level my bread and butter is customer service. So, I am going to start off my blogging career by discussing some of the ways customer support teams might use AI and cognitive technology.

Automatic triaging of tickets

In the words of NBA championship winning coach, Phil Jackson, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”. When supporting customers, working in a team is what helps us provide the best service possible, and an advantage of working in a team is everyone has different strengths, skills and knowledge. So, when a customer sends in a support ticket to our team, we can use AI to automatically pull out key words and phrases and assign the ticket to the support agent with the best knowledge on the issue. By using tags and what we call ‘Observer Rules’, AI can pick up what the customer is talking about and automatically triage the ticket for a more efficient support process.

Prioritising Customer Tickets

In a perfect world, your support team would get a nice steady stream of tickets coming in from customers and they would all be resolved the first time with no backlog at the end of the day. However, back here in the real world, the reality of customer support is that the volume of tickets coming in can spike at any moment. Issues raised by customers are not all straightforward issues, there are varying priorities which means varying resolution times. In times like these, we can use AI to tag and to pick up on the priority sent by the customer in the ticket subject. This ensures notifications are fired out to the support team to ensure that 1. We know we have an important issue to investigate and 2. So our customer support team don’t miss the fast approaching deadlines for response and resolution times.

Automatic replies

At Level, our customer support team is lucky enough that we are not bombarded with the humdrum “password reset” emails/calls … (I have dealt with these daily in previous jobs, so believe me I know the feeling!). But let’s use password reset as an example to explain how we can use AI in our customer support to automatically respond to tickets raised. We can use AI to understand what the issue is by what text is in the ticket. Phrases can be picked up such as “D’oh! I have forgot my password again!”, and using observer rules we can hone in on the word “password” and send an appropriate, automatic response… such as… “Don’t worry Homer, here’s how you can reset, speak to you again tomorrow!”. This can be set up for commonly raised issues or easy-to-fix problems, leaving the customer support team to focus on more pressing matters (like Simpsons trivia).

The possibilities are endless

These are just three of the many ways that your customer support team could - and should! - be using artificial intelligence and cognitive technology to provide a better service every day. Remember...

"Good customer service costs less than bad customer service."
-Sally Gronow, Welsh Water

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Ben Hosie
Written by Ben Hosie