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Level Intelligent Automation Solutions

Automate knowledge across your business, ensuring you remain agile, compliant and competitive.

Human Resources

Automate knowledge to transform complex processes into into intuitive, contextual and real-time services.
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Automate knowledge for increased efficiency, control, compliance and transparency.
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Automate knowledge to easily identify the correct procurement channel for goods and services.
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Discover how companies automate knowledge for improved productivity, accuracy and engagement.
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About Level 

Level Global develops intelligent automation solutions that power and simplify the essential work of leading companies around the globe.


What we do

Level Global's software harnesses the transformative power of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to automate knowledge across your business, ensuring you are agile, compliant and competitive.

We’re committed to helping you simplify and automate complex business decisions, tasks and processes for improved productivity, accuracy and engagement. By deploying cognitive assistants on the Level Cognision™ Cloud, we’re improving performance, reducing risk and allowing your people to focus on the things that matter most.


Proven success

Invited to join the London Stock Exchange Elite Program, specifically designed to support high-growth companies.

Proven scalability

Serving the largest employer in the United Kingdom with over one million full-time employees that span multiple geographies.

Proven ROI

Successful deployments of AI and cognitive intelligence to augment the shared services capabilities of leading global companies.

Embracing AI today

Over the past century, technology has changed the way we think about the world. Today, new advancements are continuing to transform our lives and our businesses. Watch Level CEO Simon Robinson’s Sky TV interview to see how Level Global is leading organizations into the future of work.


Executive Leadership Team

Every day, this dedicated team works to create and deliver the solutions that help you solve your most pressing challenges. Our leadership is a reflection of our ambition, and our team is drawn from leading global software, professional services and management consulting companies. 


Simon Robinson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Simon has over 20 years experience in conceiving and bringing technology solutions to market for global software and professional services companies.

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Michele Drummond

Chief Marketing Officer

Michele is an accomplished B2B marketing and strategy expert with over 15 years of experience in driving demand and building profitable technology companies.

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Simon Sacerdoti

Chief Financial Officer

Simon is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of corporate finance experience in accounting firms, advisory boutiques and in business.

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Kathy Ponting

VP & Global Head of Business Partnerships

Kathy has spent 25 years working in the IT industry within the alliances divisions of some of the worlds’ largest software brands.

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Samik Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Samik has been with Level since launch and is the chief architect behind product strategy, development and deployment.

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Simon Hammerschmidt

VP & UK Head of Business Partnerships

Simon has over 25 years’ experience and a strong market reputation for nurturing and developing relationships between complementary businesses to strengthen offerings.

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Our customers

Discover how leading companies like yours are automating complex business decisions, tasks and processes for improved productivity, accuracy and engagement.


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