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Effortless Reconciliation in Payroll Services


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Category: Case Study
Area: Payroll
Read Time: 2 min

NHS ELFS Shared Services adopts knowledge automation to transform complex, manual payroll reconciliation processes.

Level has delivered a proof of concept on plan and to budget on a Payroll Reconciliation solution that was previously done manually, thus saving time and money. We have now replicated the solution across all our NHS Payroll clients. We intend to continue to work with Level to explore other areas using their cognitive technology within our Payroll and Finance shared services functions.

 - Graham Gornall, Managing Director, ELFS Shared Services, a division of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

The challenge: Inefficient and error-prone manual payroll reconciliation

A large organization providing business shared services to over 30 client organizations, was having trouble reconciling a complex payroll process with their financial management application.

Each system produced three large files, with different formats and values. One file contained net values, another gross values and the third had both. Consequently, comparing the files was a difficult and time consuming manual process, with a high risk of human error.



The solution: Automated file comparison & analysis

Using advanced cognitive technologies, Level developed a knowledge automation solution that would automatically compare the different file formats. It highlighted discrepancies between each file, and users are now able to easily see and rectify problems without reading through multiple information-dense documents.

The results: Effortless reconciliation

The solution delivered a more accurate and efficient reconciliation process, eliminating  human error. The initial comparison process took hours, but it can now be done in a matter of seconds. Employees spend less time hunting for subtle numerical differences and more time focusing on high-value work to grow the business.


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