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Automate knowledge across your business, ensuring you remain agile, compliant and competitive.

Human Resources

Automate knowledge to transform complex processes into intelligent services.
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Automate knowledge for increased efficiency, control, compliance and transparency.
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Automate knowledge to easily identify the correct procurement channel.
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Customer Engagement

Automate knowledge to transform customer interactions and experiences.
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Enhance Business Performance

Automate knowledge across routine and complex financial processes to deliver increased operational efficiency, control, compliance and transparency.


Transform and simplify finance and accounting functions with knowledge automation

In today's complex and competitive business environment, meeting the frequently demanding, often conflicting requirements of  your key stakeholders can be challenging. To remain relevant and competitive, the finance function must evolve to more intelligent, fully orchestrated services that take into account customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike. 

It's time to rethink how the finance function can deliver these intelligent services and insights across your enterprise while reducing the time spent on transaction processing.

How Cognision™ works in Finance

By harnessing the power of your organization’s collective knowledge and data, Cognision™ for Finance enables a highly automated finance function that can proactively respond to next-generation challenges.

  • Cognision™ Cloud
  • Cognision™ Engine
  • Cognision™ Assistants
AI Cloud
Cognision™ Cloud

The Level Cognision™ Cloud is a structured, yet flexible environment to securely build and deploy artificial intelligence services across your enterprise, at-scale.


Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Finance departments are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, support growth and provide critical business insights to inform strategy. See how AI and cognitive technologies pair knowledge and data to meet next-generation challenges.


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Knowledge automation in Finance

As the finance function comes under increasing pressure to shrink costs, support growth and provide strategic business insights, there is enormous potential for knowledge automation to support CFOs and finance leaders in informing strategy and making decisions in real-time. Here are just a few ways that Level works with companies like yours to improve cost efficiency, maintain control and drive value across the enterprise.

Featured Cognision™ Accelerators

Jump start your digital transformation with a library of pre-built Cognision™ Accelerators specifically designed for finance. Leverage proven design and experience to accelerate your implementation times while reducing risk and building a foundation for growth.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable

An intelligent, real-time service managing over 70% of queries for faster resolution and enhanced experiences.

Order to cash

Order to cash

Order to cash is often challenged by siloed operations and inefficient processes. Reduce errors, increase customer service and improve efficiency from order to fulfillment to payment reconciliation with cognitive assistants that leverage detected patterns to streamline processes and save time.

Reconciliation & debt recovery

Accounts Reconciliation

The reconciliation of your organization’s finances can be time consuming, costly and prone to human error. Reduce time to close while ensuring accuracy and compliance with cognitive assistants that intelligently automate and standardize the reconciliation process.

Reconciliation & debt recovery
Accounts payable

Accounts payable

The pressure has never been greater for finance to deliver higher efficiency, faster processing times and more powerful data insights. Streamline invoice approvals, exception handling, audits, and general ledger coding with cognitive assistants that digest, analyze and act in real time and at-scale.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable

Late invoice payments costs companies billions of dollars every year. Make money collection fast, easy and highly predictable with cognitive assistants that intelligently interact with your customers in real-time.

Accounts receivable

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