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Level Global Unveils New AI Cloud, Cognision™, at SSOW Europe 2019

Lisbon, 14 May 2019


Today at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Europe 2019, Level Global unveiled its new AI cloud, Cognision™, to a packed conference of over 500 customers, partners and leading experts in shared services, GBS, outsourcing and intelligent automation.

As a sponsor of the event, Level’s founder and chief executive officer Simon Robinson also hosted a workshop, “What Comes Next After You Have Implemented RPA?”

Level’s new AI cloud is a structured, yet flexible, way to build and deploy AI-driven solutions. Cognision™ captures and pairs organizational knowledge with enterprise data in a single environment to replicate human reasoning and automate complex decisions, tasks and processes.

Leveraging more than 5 years of software developments and insights gleaned from leading global clients, the platform’s forward and backward chaining algorithms enable a digital workforce of intelligent assistants that make accurate and effective decisions in real-time and at scale.

“As shared services looks to raise its profile as a value adding and strategic partner, it’s critical to deliver services that improve performance, reduce risk and enhance engagement,” said Level Global founder and chief executive officer Simon Robinson. “By deploying intelligent assistants that work the same way people do, we unlock time for employees to think strategically and creatively.”

Cognision™ enables users to develop their own AI applications or access a series of pre-built accelerators, specifically designed for shared services, such as: 

  • Absence Management: An intelligent and policy-driven service with built in auto triggers that provides consistent absence tracking and processing for accurate results.
  • Parental Leave: A personalized, intelligent and real-time self-service that provides instant and accurate leave calculations by simply entering planned start and end dates.
  • Performance Management: An intelligent self-service that guides managers to the correct course of action at each stage of the review cycle to deliver consistent, compliant and complete performance evaluations.
  • Organizational Change: A visual and intuitive service with automated approvals, enabling managers to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ employees between teams or across the organization.
  • Contractor Management: An intelligent service with built in triggers and audit trails to smoothly onboard, off-board and manage external contractors.
  • Accounts Payable: An intelligent, real-time service managing over 70% of queries for faster resolution and enhanced experiences.
  • Accounts Receivable: An intelligent, compliant service automating the collection and processing of invoices for improved cash flow.

The Level AI cloud is secure by design, supported by 24x7 monitoring, regular penetration testing and adherence to regulation. 


About Level Global

Level Global harnesses the transformative power of AI and cognitive intelligence to automate knowledge across your business, ensuring you remain agile, compliant and competitive.

We’re committed to helping you simplify and automate complex business decisions, tasks and processes for improved productivity, accuracy and engagement. By deploying intelligent assistants on Level’s AI Cloud, we’re improving performance, reducing risk and allowing your people to focus on the things that matter most.


The Level Cognision™ Cloud

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