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Level Intelligent Automation Solutions

Automate knowledge across your business, ensuring you remain agile, compliant and competitive.

Human Resources

Automate knowledge to transform complex processes into into intuitive, contextual and real-time services.
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Automate knowledge for increased efficiency, control, compliance and transparency.
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Automate knowledge to easily identify the correct procurement channel for goods and services.
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Discover how companies automate knowledge for improved productivity, accuracy and engagement.
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Establish Agile Sourcing Strategies

Automate knowledge across your business, transforming complex procurement processes into intuitive, contextual and real-time services.


Determine the best procurement channel for goods and services with intelligent detail and status monitoring for demand through delivery

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses today, procurement leaders are focused on aligning culture and operating models to transform their traditional role into a more strategic function.

Simplify processes and enterprise decision-making by leveraging intelligent automation to identify new markets and track exchange rate volatility, while also managing risks and identifying the best suppliers.

How Cognision™ works in Procurement

By automating knowledge across your organization, Cognision™ for Procurement increases spend under management through improved end-user experiences.

Guide employees to the correct purchasing tools with report summaries, recommendations and advice for everything from supplier assessments and performance management to risk management and compliance.

  • Cognision™ Cloud
  • Cognision™ Engine
  • Cognision™ Assistants
AI Cloud
Cognision™ Cloud

Level’s Cognision™ Cloud is a structured, yet flexible environment to securely build, and deploy, at scale artificial intelligence services across your enterprise.


Intelligent and compliant purchasing

Discover how we transformed purchasing for NHS Shared Business Services with an online portal for quick and easy framework agreements access.


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Intelligent Procurement

Whether you’re trying to speed up decision making processes, enhance situational awareness or access better information for faster insights, procurement teams in all industries are embracing intelligent automation, ensuring their companies remain profitable and competitive. Here are just a few ways that Level can deliver intelligent spend management to drive value across your enterprise.

Category strategy sourcing services

Category strategy & sourcing services

Procurement leaders are focused on new sources of value, increasing efficiency and supplying strategic insights. Reduce costs and deliver bottom-line savings with Cognision™ Assistants that connect with the best suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Contract Management

Contract & supplier management

Proactively monitoring supplier performance is critical to intelligent spend management. Deliver increased efficiency and savings, while enhancing the supplier experience with Cognision™ Assistants that simplify and automate contract initiation, approval, negotiation and management.

Contract Management
Tail spend Management

Tail & maverick spend management

Task-intensive tail spend processes are throttling valuable organizational resources. Reduce costs and improve performance with Cognision™ Assistants that intelligently analyze and take control of spend, ensuring compliance and adoption.

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