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Seamless Organizational Restructuring



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Category: Case Study
Area: Human Resources
Read Time: 3 min

SSE, a FTSE 100 utility company, adopts knowledge automation to manage their ever-changing organizational structure and cut down on HR and management overhead.

"We have been working with Level since 2015 to give our employees and managers simple, effective online tools to manage their people information. The team at Level have worked with us in an agile way, adapting to our needs and working together we have made significant changes in a cost-effective way. Always striving to meet challenging deadlines we’ve created a successful partnership between our teams and our business has seen really positive changes as a result."

 - Elaine McGinn, HR Transformation Director, SSE Electricity Limited

The challenge: Time-consuming and error-prone approvals

A large organization was struggling with their frequent organizational restructuring in HR.  On average, employees changed managers 2.1 times a year, requiring manual data entry. Consequently, there was a high rate of error.

More complicated issues emerged when employees with line management responsibilities changed line managers. Each direct report had to be adjusted and this oftentimes required changing the systems access privileges for each employee.

The process also required a number of approvals, particularly in cases where a move crossed multiple departments or divisions, resulting in significant HR and management overhead.


The solution: An interactive organization chart & automated approvals

Level developed a knowledge automation solution that would allow users to “drill down” the organizational hierarchy to see appropriate employee information based on role, rank and system access privileges.

The interactive organizational chart allowed users to make organizational structure changes with the click of a mouse, and it also handled all approvals.

When an employee’s direct reports are reassigned to new line managers, the system notifies and guides the user from the app. Following a move, all payroll and HCM systems update automatically, without needing input from HR, thus eliminating human error.

The results: Increased efficiency with less interference

The interactive organization chart delivered a dramatic reduction in the number of restructuring errors. Managers had more time to focus on their employees, and large restructuring projects that previously took weeks or months, could now be done in a matter of days.


Knowledge Automation for Human Resources

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